Desert Roads, Desert Choices

Session 7: Azila's Head I

Reaching Azila's Head, finding sand.

On the way to their commissioned stop at Azila’s Head, the party is awakened by a fiery streak across the sky and a loud explosion a few miles away. They head off to investigate and see a relatively shallow crater still glowing red-hot, surrounded by large globules of cooling – IRON! A fortune! But wait, how to take advantage of such a situation? As Zeethra studied the object in the hole with assistance from her spirit companion, the others struggle to take a magically-cooled hunk of iron back to the wagon. It is about half a ton in a tear-drop shape about 20 inches in diameter at its widest and 30 inches in overall length.

Meanwhile the object in the crater starts showing a crack along its surface. After a bit, the rest of the party rejoins Zeethra in time to witness the hatching of a hitherto unheard-of type of drake that seems itself formed of iron. Zeethra feeds it (Brunt running back to the wagon to grab some provisions), and it soon takes off, circling ever wider around the party. Throughout the next few days they still catch glimpses of something high in the air.


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