Desert Roads, Desert Choices

Session 2: The Road to Tyr part 2

Got a pack of gems from the merchant. 250g in total.

Find a sunning Id Fiend. Tried to scare it off with intimidation, but fought instead. Killed it and saved its brain juices.

Towards sundown, entering the kraggy foothills of Tyr. Freeguard asks for toll. We argue for a while, settle on (Jacob) paying 100coin and us delivering a package for Sgt Laramas to Petram in the outskirts of the Warrens. Going to Zefer St, with a red door. Box is a wooden box with a wax seal, with something inside that’s longer than it is wide. Thumbprint with a distinctive scar. We deliver it and it explodes. Townfolk accuse us, but we bully them into helping us instead. No signs of Petram at all.

In the Caravan District of Tyr. Jacob hanging-around, visiting his daughter, so can’t hire us again. (Also, we’re defiley.)

Mar juk-adan (Buyer & Seller of magic items.)
Vicorin D’Ahar (Merchant running caravans. Dealing in large quantities of comodoties.)
Talon the Trader (she’s a shrewd dealer.)

Find Mar Juk-Adan, and there’s a huge array of items. Nothing repeats, piles of preciousness. Triantha, the hot elvish clerk. Mar instructs us to go get the Egg of McGuffin. He can give us the location of the ruins

Buy some potions. Find some lodgings.

Kol buys a couple mundane weapons, and checks-out a wing-spear he doesn’t know how to use yet.

Petram is a good guy, but his brother, Laramas, was a hard-ass when he worked for the city.

Sorc.King is dead, obviously. There’s a big match coming-up in the arena. Still plenty of ‘unrest’, as power reaches a new resting-point.


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