Desert Roads, Desert Choices

Session 3

Bought cart and animal
Carrying 2 healing potions each
Found four crossbowmen. Rotted, tattered, decayed.
Kick them to the side and move on.
Found the lieutenant also rotted. Took his dagger and mace.
Found Laramas dying on the side. He said Petram killed him (and men) and is gunning for him now. We pass him and go on.
Party sets-up camp, with watches etc.

Found Kalax and his dwarf buddy. Beat them up. They didn’t know about Petram.
Find 500gp, sack containing 6 healing fruits (2 to Kol, 1 to other). Primal element
8 survival days, plus 2 from foraging. Bedrolls etc. Gouge, 2 daggers. Firestarting equip.

Get to Silver Spring. Barmaid saw Petram; he seemed distracted. No other word.
Skill challenge to find the turn-off from the path, passed 3:1.
Camping on the path, see indications that there might be annoyances.

Find a gathering of dwellings, and creepy shadow man. He played us a memory of us kids and a village being slaughtered.


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