Desert Roads, Desert Choices

Session 4

Located our destination, a stone tower rising from the sandy wastes.
No apparent entrances. Determined door must lie beneath sand.
Figured probable location of door. Uncovered it with minimum of digging.
Cavafy, Drake, Thod and Zeethra began searching tower.
Most items rotting with age.
Ascended to 2nd floor. Pursued ghostly image of child.
Failed attempt at communication.
Figure changed, assumed tentacled, alien shape.
Combat ensued. Another, slightly different figure appeared & attacked.
Defeated 1st figure which dissipated. 2nd fled after being injured.
Creatures seemed vulnerable to psychic attacks.
Creatures determined to be ancient, twisted spirits.
Entered ancient dining hall, disturbed place settings.
Another figure appeared, different than the others.
Battled creature, dispatched with relative ease.
Feeling pretty confident with progress so far.
Climbed stairs to 3rd level. Sleeping quarters.
Began combat with two more creatures.
During combat, two others appeared. Group became spread out.
About this time, things started to go downhill. Dice stopped working.
Two more of the beasties appeared.
Barbarian was felled by one of the creatures.
Shaman, having already used her Healing Spirit ability, began moving toward him.
Before Zeethra could reach Drake to attempt a Heal check, he was killed by a coup-de-grace.
Monk, shaman, and wizard dispatched remaining creatures.
Went outside to rest and consider what to do with barbarian.
Decided to take him back to our patron for possible raising.
Completed rest, once more into the breach.
Floor above sleeping quarters was used for storage. Nothing salvagable.
Up to next floor of tower. Short hallway with doors at other end.
Opened doors. Burning braziers. 4 creatures of lava appeared.
Decided to make stand in doorway. Not the best plan.
Monk struck by one of the creatures. Paralzed. Ongoing fire damage.
Paralyzation granted no resistance agianst this fire damage. Thod burned.
Cavafy and Zeethra would have battled valiantly, but the dice wouldn’t let them.
Jason couldn’t roll a save. Thod burned.
Zeethra, again having used Healing Spirit, moves adjacent to Thod.
Shaman hit by OAs.
Zeethra couldn’t roll a Heal check. Thod burned
Wizard cast spell to cause noise coming from other room. Two elementals investigate.
Destroyed one of two current combatants.
Cavafy knocked out by remaining elemental.
Remaining elemental destroyed. Shaman turns attention to wizard.
Cavafy fails death save. Zeethra fails heal check.
Jason fails saving throw. Thod burned.
Cavafy fails death save.
Next round, Thod would die due to damage, or Cavafy would die if he didn’t save.
Zeethra makes agonizing decision to try to save Cavafy. Finally succeeds with Heal.
Shaman and wizard retreat from tower. Unlikely to res two comrades.
Comical in a pathetic kind of way.
And we still have another level of the tower to go to locate the object of our quest.


wptunes TragicMagic

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