Yedthak is a Half-Giant Warlord who specializes is leading groups of adventurers in acquiring things.


AC – 17
Fort – 16
Ref – 11
Will – 16

Weapon – Reproachful Trikal


Yedthak was born and, for lack of a better term, raised in the village of Skugg, in the hills on the north side of the Dragon’s Palate. Combat was commonplace, as the village was frequently besieged by raiders and local fauna. While Yedthak was capable fighting toe-to-toe, when he stepped back and directed his clan in combat, they were able to vanquish much more powerful foes. He was well on his way to becoming the heir apparent to his chieftain when one day a caravan from Balic rolled into Skugg…pursued by hill giants. Yedthak helped defend the caravan and his clan, and fought off the giants. The caravan leader convinced Yedthak that there were greater things in his future than to be the chieftain of Skugg, and Yedthak apprenticed himself to the art of caravan security.


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